Wow, the person who said that dieting is easy once you get your head around it must have a stealy determination, one that needs to be bottled and sold!

I’ve moved on to the cruise phase, and it’s actually not that easy to stay motivated on the protein only days, and it’s even harder to stay away from the carbs on the vegetable and protein days.

Does the odd tablespoon of rice, the odd crouton in a salad, the baby potato hidden in a green salad really make a difference to the diet? Well it must do, as after losing the weight very nicely in the beginning, I’ve gone up 700 grammes and cannot shift them!

Today has been a good day as far as protein only, so I’m hoping that tomorrow morning the scales will show that the hard work does pay off, and that the protein only days during the cruise phase really do work.

Tomorrow I’ve got a work function and there’s going to be food AND drink, all of which I won’t want to stay away from. Thank heavens it’s a protein/veg day.

Tomorrow all will be revealed.

Have a great evening all and hang in there.



Day 9

3 September 2011

Today is day 9 of my diet, and I’m pleased to say that it’s a ‘protein’  day, and that means I get to add vegetables to my proteins, which, being the meat eater that I am, is something I am very pleased about.

This morning’s scale reading said I was down 2,4kgs after 8 days of dieting. It doesn’t seem like much, but then I was down a further 700 grammes earlier on in the week after completing the attack phase.

I was incredibly diligent during the attack phase, not a drop of alcohol passed my lips either, which for me is a great achievement as I tend to use having a drink as a reward to myself.  The cruise phase allows for a bit more cheating here and there, which I guess has resulted in me stagnating at my current weight.

It’s easy to become lenient in the cruise phase, why? The attack phase is cut and dried, you can touch protein, and only protein! Which by the way is not that easy when you are in a restaurant, my recommendation is that you stay away from restaurants during the initial phase. Then along comes the cruise phase and it’s so easy to slip into your old food habits, as you think ‘ a bit of cheese won’t harm me’  or ‘it’s a veg day so I’ll treat myself to a glass of wine’  in my case.  I went out with girfriends for a wine tasting on Thursday evening, and then a quick bite to eat afterwards. An Italian restaurant may not have been the best choice of restaurants as the menu is just too tempting, but there were enough non carby things to eat. However, I succombed to one slice of bruschetta (carbs really are the foods from God), and some cheese in the melanzane dish.

So when I woke up on Friday morning I had put the 700 grammes on, and even after a strict protein day yesterday they are still there.

Tonight will be slightly sinful as I have a bbq to go to, and yes, I will drink wine and yes I will be good with the diet. I’m trying to be creative about what meat to prepare and what veg extra’s I can do.  Any suggestions welcome.

Tomorrow I will reveal if I was able to stay away from the potato salad.

Happy Saturday evening.


Little did I know when I woke up this morning that my end with my boyfriend and I breaking up! That is something I didn’t see coming.

But I have been strong and haven’t waivered from the diet. It has helped that I haven’t been able to eat since 4pm from emotion.

First thing I did this morning when I got up was to get on the scales and noted down my weight. Let’s just say it was something xx,4 kg’s, and leave it at that.

The morning started off challenging (me not being much of a morning person), when I couldn’t get my very first oat bran galette to satisfaction, so ended up adding the bran to my yoghurt. Nothing wrong there.

Today I’ve eaten: a bowl of yoghurt with oat bran / snacked on egg and ham at about 11/ had a grilled chicken in strips for lunch / snacked on tuna and yoghurt at about 3.

I had planned on eating a steak for dinner, but there was just no way I could eat anything, so I had a cup of yoghurt and coffee at 9:30pm instead.

It’s been an interesting day to start, but so far it’s been ok. I’ve had no headaches and no real hunger pangs.

So off to bed for now, see what tomorrow brings.


Tonight is the evening before I start Dr. Dukan’s diet, and I’m going to make the most of it. And by make the most of it, I mean eating and drinking whatever I please!

So after drinks at work with the obligatory fatty snacks, I’m now at home and have cracked open a bottle of 2010 Merlot. I have to say, the first two sips went down a treat.

This morning I got on the scale and was horrified to see that I had a put on a few hundred grammes, where they came from, I don’t know! But I’m not going to let a few hundreg grammes get to me, ok, I’m going to try to not let them get to me.

After work I popped in to the supermarket after having worked out a menu for tomorrow, and bought the ingredients (yes, a selection of the 72 approved attack phased ingredients). I’ve since prepped the chicken for lunch tomorrow, and in the morning I’ll get the tuna.

My planned menu for tomorrow is:

Breakfast: Eggs and cooked ham
Snack: Yoghurt
Lunch: Oat bran galettes (as per Dr. Dukans’ recipe); Tuna and greek yoghurt; Strips of chicken
Snack: Yoghurt, Surimi
Dinner: Steak
Snack: Yoghurt

After reading my planned menu for tomorrow, as inspired as I was, I’m beginning to wonder if this is going to inspire me enough. However, I’m going to go for it and give it my all.

I’ve uploaded two photo’s, now to see if I can get it to show on this blog. One of the grocery shopping I did this evening and the other of my chicken breast cooked on the George Forman WITHOUT oil!

So all of you out there, please wish me luck for when I wake up in the morning and give the Dr. Dukan Diet a go!



Feeling Brave

22 August 2011

Well, hello,

So here I am, a 38 year old female called Julia who needs to lose 10 kilo’s.

Why a blog and where do I start?

Basically, I love food and everything that has to do with food, but I need to lose weight. So I’ve decided to give the DUKAN diet a go. True to Julia form, I went out and bought the book and the recipe book, and now, after having reading both, I’m contemplating when the right moment will be to actually START the diet….procrastination has already set it. The thought process ‘against’ starting goes a bit like this ” I’ve just been on holiday, let me eat everything that I fancy before I start it, there are a few birthdays coming up where I’ll want a glass of wine, I need to get it done before my birthday, Monday isn’t a good day to start a diet, if I push it out to the end of the week I’ll be fine”  and so the list goes on.

So here I am, it’s a Monday evening, I’ve got a glass of delicious red wine in hand, I’ve just had a few snacks to tide me over and I’m making my plight to lose weight public. Am I brave or just plain stupid.

Being a meat eater, I’m hoping that the attack phase won’t be too painful.  My sister, however (who knows me oh so well), reckons I’ll struggle, which is niggling at the back of my head, and instead of making me more determined, is just making me delay the whole process until ‘it fits into my lifestyle’ . HAH, now that’s a joke in itself isn’t it, since when does a diet suit a lifestyle.

Anyway, I promise you, whoever you are out there, that by the end of this week, I will either be on the diet or just a day or two away from starting it.

I will log my journey through words and picures, and hope to support and get the support from people out there who also constantly battle with losing those extra few kilo’s.


Hello world!

22 August 2011

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