Feeling Brave

22 August 2011

Well, hello,

So here I am, a 38 year old female called Julia who needs to lose 10 kilo’s.

Why a blog and where do I start?

Basically, I love food and everything that has to do with food, but I need to lose weight. So I’ve decided to give the DUKAN diet a go. True to Julia form, I went out and bought the book and the recipe book, and now, after having reading both, I’m contemplating when the right moment will be to actually START the diet….procrastination has already set it. The thought process ‘against’ starting goes a bit like this ” I’ve just been on holiday, let me eat everything that I fancy before I start it, there are a few birthdays coming up where I’ll want a glass of wine, I need to get it done before my birthday, Monday isn’t a good day to start a diet, if I push it out to the end of the week I’ll be fine”  and so the list goes on.

So here I am, it’s a Monday evening, I’ve got a glass of delicious red wine in hand, I’ve just had a few snacks to tide me over and I’m making my plight to lose weight public. Am I brave or just plain stupid.

Being a meat eater, I’m hoping that the attack phase won’t be too painful.  My sister, however (who knows me oh so well), reckons I’ll struggle, which is niggling at the back of my head, and instead of making me more determined, is just making me delay the whole process until ‘it fits into my lifestyle’ . HAH, now that’s a joke in itself isn’t it, since when does a diet suit a lifestyle.

Anyway, I promise you, whoever you are out there, that by the end of this week, I will either be on the diet or just a day or two away from starting it.

I will log my journey through words and picures, and hope to support and get the support from people out there who also constantly battle with losing those extra few kilo’s.



One Response to “Feeling Brave”

  1. MIK Says:

    Well the first step is the hardest… so when does D Day start?

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