Day 9

3 September 2011

Today is day 9 of my diet, and I’m pleased to say that it’s a ‘protein’  day, and that means I get to add vegetables to my proteins, which, being the meat eater that I am, is something I am very pleased about.

This morning’s scale reading said I was down 2,4kgs after 8 days of dieting. It doesn’t seem like much, but then I was down a further 700 grammes earlier on in the week after completing the attack phase.

I was incredibly diligent during the attack phase, not a drop of alcohol passed my lips either, which for me is a great achievement as I tend to use having a drink as a reward to myself.  The cruise phase allows for a bit more cheating here and there, which I guess has resulted in me stagnating at my current weight.

It’s easy to become lenient in the cruise phase, why? The attack phase is cut and dried, you can touch protein, and only protein! Which by the way is not that easy when you are in a restaurant, my recommendation is that you stay away from restaurants during the initial phase. Then along comes the cruise phase and it’s so easy to slip into your old food habits, as you think ‘ a bit of cheese won’t harm me’  or ‘it’s a veg day so I’ll treat myself to a glass of wine’  in my case.  I went out with girfriends for a wine tasting on Thursday evening, and then a quick bite to eat afterwards. An Italian restaurant may not have been the best choice of restaurants as the menu is just too tempting, but there were enough non carby things to eat. However, I succombed to one slice of bruschetta (carbs really are the foods from God), and some cheese in the melanzane dish.

So when I woke up on Friday morning I had put the 700 grammes on, and even after a strict protein day yesterday they are still there.

Tonight will be slightly sinful as I have a bbq to go to, and yes, I will drink wine and yes I will be good with the diet. I’m trying to be creative about what meat to prepare and what veg extra’s I can do.  Any suggestions welcome.

Tomorrow I will reveal if I was able to stay away from the potato salad.

Happy Saturday evening.



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