Whoever said dieting is easy was lying

6 September 2011

Wow, the person who said that dieting is easy once you get your head around it must have a stealy determination, one that needs to be bottled and sold!

I’ve moved on to the cruise phase, and it’s actually not that easy to stay motivated on the protein only days, and it’s even harder to stay away from the carbs on the vegetable and protein days.

Does the odd tablespoon of rice, the odd crouton in a salad, the baby potato hidden in a green salad really make a difference to the diet? Well it must do, as after losing the weight very nicely in the beginning, I’ve gone up 700 grammes and cannot shift them!

Today has been a good day as far as protein only, so I’m hoping that tomorrow morning the scales will show that the hard work does pay off, and that the protein only days during the cruise phase really do work.

Tomorrow I’ve got a work function and there’s going to be food AND drink, all of which I won’t want to stay away from. Thank heavens it’s a protein/veg day.

Tomorrow all will be revealed.

Have a great evening all and hang in there.



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